Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Little Superman

Jaxon has become very enthralled with superheros as of late. This is evidenced by the Superman, Batman, and Spiderman costumes and pajamas that we have accumulated. There are days when I can't get him out of his pajamas so we go out in public with him dressed as a superhero. Oh, the comments we get!
Since Jax has been potty trained, we have also invested in Superhero underwear for him. He has decided that he doesn't like the fact that the pictures are on the behind instead of in the front, like his sister's. So, taking matters into his own hands one day, he put his underwear on backwards so he could see the pictures and that's how he wears them now. That's my boy!

That's Not How Daddy Does It!

So, Abby came to me and asked me to help her wrap her baby in a special blanket. Of course, I said okay. So, I carefully wrap the baby up, using the method that I've used since I was a little girl and gently swaddled the baby with care and handed it over to my little 4 year old. She immediately says, "That's not how daddy does it!"
"Well, how does daddy do it?" I asked incredulously.
"He wraps her in a circle. You need to do it like daddy does it!"
I stood there for a moment, dumbfounded. I'm the mom. I should be able to wrap a baby doll and have my little girl be okay with the job I've done for her.
So, I immediately head into the room where Sean is at and ask him how he wraps the baby.
"Well, it's not that hard, Holly. You just put the baby on one side of the blanket and roll it, like in a circle" and he and Abby proceed to educate me on the finer points of wrapping a baby doll.
I've learned something new today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Rock the 3rd's 3-D Debut

Well, we still don't have a name for this little guy. And for those of you who are desperate to know, we will probably be keeping you guessing until he is born. Gotta have some surprises! Sean was so sweet and for Mother's Day, this was my gift--to see our little man in 3-D! We've had the opportunity and privilege of being able to do this with Abby and Jaxon and we couldn't NOT do it with this last one. So, we took Abby and Jaxon with us and our whole family had the opportunity to meet our little guy. It was a lot of fun for us, however, the baby wasn't overly cooperative so we weren't able to get fantastic pictures but we were able to see him nonetheless. He definitely is a Rock! He has a head of hair (which I didn't have until I was almost a year old) and he has the Rock nose. It's amazing to me how seeing him in utero makes it almost surreal. I am getting so excited to meet him! This video is of his hands and feet all wrapped around his head.

This video is of his face (it starts upside down and then flips over) and of his hand waving.

In this video, you can see his face pretty well and the white thing in front of his face that he is playing with is the umbilical cord.