Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Sunday Easter

Hunting for eggs at our home today was hilarious! Sean had hidden the eggs the night before and had them hidden all over the place--in the couch, on the bean bag, in the plants, in the kids' boots--you name it, there was an egg in it! Abby knew what to do and wasted no time in hunting for the eggs. When it came time to open the eggs, she got really mad and wanted to know why there wasn't any candy in them. We had made the decision to not do candy, but to do stickers instead and that wasn't good enough for her. But once we got going with putting stickers on things, she totally forgot that she didn't have any candy in her basket. However, I now have stickers all over my house!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to reflect on the reason behind it all. It's not about the Easter bunny and the candy but about how our Elder brother, Jesus Christ, gave his life for each and every one of us as payment up front for our sins. How grateful we are for His sacrifice and we hope that we can, in some small way, begin to pay back the debt we owe Him.

Happy Easter!

We did an Easter Egg Hunt at a friend's house this year and had so much fun! Abby was totally into it, especially when she figured out that candy was involved. Jaxon was having more fun playing on the swingset and in the mud but once Sean showed him the chocolate, he was out to hunt for the eggs.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jaxon stole my Diet Coke and took off with it Jaxon sucking my Diet Coke down as fast as he possibly can Playing on the slide outside Muddy boots and all Abby in her pickup
We have had some beautiful weather the last few days and it has been so much fun to be outside with some sunshine! Abby and Jaxon found a mud hole and thank goodness for our rainboots that we bought last fall! The kids have been tracking all kinds of mud through the house but it's been fun to watch them playing with one another and having fun. Here's looking forward to lots of sunshiny days!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sock Monster

I bought new socks for Abby and Jaxon about a month or so ago and slowly, they have been disappearing. At first, I thought that because I had been out of town for a weekend, that Dad might have had something to do with it (misplacing the socks in the drawer or tossing them behind the washing machine) but then I was changing the sheets on Abby's bed yesterday and because of the enormous amount of toys that were surrounding her bed, I had to actually move the bed away from the wall in order to make it and to my surprise, I found 6 pairs of socks stashed behind the headboard of my 3-year old's bed!
Apparently, Abby doesn't like to wear socks when she is in bed so she's been taking them off and "putting them away" as she told me. I'm just glad I found them so I don't have to go out and buy new ones! Now if I could just find Jaxon's......................................