Monday, May 19, 2008

Even the dog gets into it

The kids love to dance to music and I had the soundtrack to "Curious George" playing in the background. Our dog, Sadie, loves to "dance" with Sean so he and the kids, plus the dog, were getting their groove on.

Endless Entertainment

Who says you need to buy expensive toys for your kids to play with? Just give them a broom and a mop and let them go to town "cleaning"! Abby and Jaxon would "clean" the kitchen floor and then fall down because they were "so tired" (as Abby put it!) They literally played this way for almost an hour--I got so much done!

Trip to the Zoo

We had the opportunity to go to Brookfield Zoo with Sean for one of his work "Morale" days. We had a lot of fun and the kids loved being able to go in and pet the animals whenever it was possible. From the "giraff-es" that we saw to the goats that we got to pet, it was a very fun day and the best part was getting to spend a "work" day with Daddy!