Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Days

Last week, we got slammed with a ton of snow. It was great in that we were able to go outside and play in it. However, it made it so that we missed the opportunity to go to the temple with Mom and Dad (Erickson) and then on Thursday, Sean got sent home from work at noon. To top it off, he got a call on Friday saying that he wasn't to come in to work due to the weather. Who ever heard of a snow day for work??? But it was okay with us. We got to play with dad and he was able to go to ballet and tumbling with us. Who knows, the way the weather has been acting this weekend, he could be home again tomorrow. I guess I'll have to put him to work myself!

Birthday Season Is Upon Us!!!!

For the kids' birthday party, we took Grandpa and Grandma Erickson and a couple of their friends to Build-A-Bear and everyone got to make their own bear. The kids had a ball and Gma and Gpa even got to make their own souvenir bears! We had so much fun!
Todd stuffing Abby's Princess Bear
Todd stuffing Jaxon's Curious George
Grandma Erickson making her Koala
Abby helping Grandma
Abigail's Birthday (01/19/08)
Testing out the birthday cupcake
This is fantastic!
Give me moooorrrreeee!!!!!
Abby opening her presents
Jaxon opening his present
More music toys! YEAH!
More card confetti???? It will come back to haunt those of you who put it in your cards! You'll just not know it's coming!
The kids have had so much fun with this toaster--who knew?
Jaxon's Birthday (01/27/08)
So excited for the cake!
Jaxon ate all the frosting first--then the cake
Grandpa and Grandma Erickson picked out a great cake!
Abby inhaled her piece
Gimme more!!!!
Abby Getting ready to DANCE!
Abby in her ballet outfit
Using EVERY piece of dress up clothes she owns
Just Chillin' on Super Bowl Sunday
The kids have taken over Sadie's (our dog who isn't living with us at the moment) new dog bed that we just bought for her. They think it is their mini bean bag that they can sleep on.
Jaxon got a hold of the peanut butter jar and was handing out spoonfuls to everyone. If he could, I think he would live off of peanut butter!